Why A+ Training?
Training A+ wants every single person to come as they are! Training A+ will help you in health, functional fitness, mobility, stability, and to help make this apart of your lifestyle. Whether you are coming off a serious injury, accident, need to fix posture, or are a high-performance athlete trying to improve performance.

I have over 10 years' experience as a personal trainer and running some of the top gyms in the country at high levels. I also have a 20+ year background of working on my own health and fitness. As I played sports at a very young age to professional football (CFL) in Canada. I have had many injuries in my career from head to toe (literally) some minor and some major. However; I never let that stop me. Instead, I am taking my knowledge and experience and using it to share with others, and YOU!

There are many obstacles in training but none have ever stopped me. I have worked with some who are missing a limb, wheelchair bound, obesity, therapy, and even those trying to improve their skills. There is no job too little or big that I canít handle.
I not only train others but am constantly training myself to be the best all around. I am continuing my health and fitness training as well as my education to gain as much knowledge as I can to share with YOU!

Training A+ wants to help you become the best version of you in every aspect of life.
Come as you are, I will help you get to where you want to be!
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